Pintxorico’s expansion strategy


pintxosThe company’s main objective is to attract consumers via internet by its social networks, web page, blog… and collect capital by their investement to expand the business among the Spanish region. It is crucial as the success of the enterprise has being proven but just in the local area, so managers are sure of its profitability in the whole country. To achieve this purpose the company has designed a specific shop strategy which is explained in the following text and has these sections: introduction, the strategy in social networks, digital identity, reputation, personal branding, microblogging, collective intelligence, what other shops do and conclusion.

“Pintxorico” has reached the maturity of the offices it has, therefore, the next step to continue making profits is to create new bars. The idea is that consumers will help to promote the business and that the business itself will focus on an aggressive marketing strategy.

Regarding to the strategy in social networks the company has concentrated its attention on Facebook  as it is a useful page to keep in touch businesses and consumers.The business will use the tagging tool and will integrate Facebook social plugns on itswebsite. Last but not least, it will instruct fans to click the “share” button right next to the message. In order to determine how often its phrases appear in searchers it will use the wordtracker application and tweetdeck to know were its audience hangs out.

img_identidad_digitalThe first thing the enterprise will do to build up its digital identity will be to clean up its digital dirt, for example, blocking or deleting unwanted comments from strangers. Then it will set an electronic public profile with an easy and catchy URL. The subscription to Google Alerts and the creation of a blog and webpage will be really helpful for its expansion.

The reputation part has a big role in the success of businesses. “Pintxorico” will identify negative content and will implement measures to stop it. The reputation strategy will operate on the centres of influence of the company and will push positive comments from there. Finally it will monitor the results and try to improve.

To create a personal brand the company will start with a situation analysis: values, attributes and passions.personal-branding Secondly, it will create a plan for the business gathering data through questionnaires done to customers, communities and employees. It is vital to take into account a GAP analysis. To end up, it will write a statement referring to what, how and why is going to operate plus the personal brand statement.

Making reference to the microblogging the enterprise has focus its attention on Twitter. The updating of the profile, association of a logo and the uploading of pictures via Tweetpic will market the business. It is crucial to listen and follow customers and then organize the people it follows through lists. The company will also rewrite its twitter biography getting to know the business story by answering the questions what and how plus a bit of its personality.

From the collaboration of customers “Pintxorico” will get its collective intelligence. It will allow the enterprise to provide a feedback which will help it to improve and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

The company has taken into account its competitors strategy to offer different products and services. The “Lizarran” company offers typical tapas from the North of Spain and has expanded the Spanish gastronomy culture. The latest news are posted on its Twitter and Facebook account as well as on its web page. The distinctions of “Pintxorico” are various. For instance, it offers Spanish dances shows and organizes tapas competitions. In addition, there are special offers depending on the day of the week or the period of the year. The fact that the tapa designers are Basque distinguishes the tapas from the other companies’ conventional products.

To sum up, it is thought that the company will register an increase in sales and will be able to to develop its expansion. The strategy will be closely monitored as the control of the planning is crucial. Weak points will be analised and improved and strenghts will be emphasized.


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