Dolce and Gabanna’s shop strategy under analysis


This post is the outcome of a deep research about the popular D&G’s brand. It is written following this structure:              dg     analysis of the webpage and social networks of the brand, its digital identity, its reputation and latest controversy and collective intelligence.

D&G’s webpage content is distributed in three main sections: woman, men and children. Each part has subsections such as collection, fashion shows, ad campaign and links. The official webpage also suggests purchasing online and offers information of its books, restaurants and latest news. Furthermore, it easily provides access to all their social networks by clicking on the site’s logo, for example, its YouTube’s official channel. This web has different units: campaigns, fashion shows, friends and events, beauty and e-shop.

Related to social networks, its Facebook page has a public profile and a URL with the brand’s name. It constantly uploadsfacebook_logo picture of products depending on the period of the year, for example, gifts at Christmas time. Events are created and innovative techniques, campaigns and videos are posted. Referring to micro blogging and more specificallyh to the famous brand’s Tweeter account, D&G’s posts an average of 3 tweets per day. It uses “@” to reach the attention of other communication media, as well as designers or loyal customers. In order to upload pictures, which is done very often, is uses the Tweetpic application. Frequently it Tweets with the “# DG celebs pic” to refer to famous people wearing its designs.

The solid identity of D&G’s trademark has evolved over the years and at the same time has always remained loyal to its innate standards. A distinctive style, the manifestation of alternative luxury, which season after season mixes strong modernization with the dominant Mediterranean flavour of its roots. A brand whose spirit lies in its divergent characteristics as it combines new forms of elegance of modern classicism and creativity. The logo is “D&G” which stands for the surnames of both designers Dolce and Gabanna. While the typography remains always the same, the front and back colours are changeable.dolce_gabbana

Nevertheless, during the last years controversy has arisen ruining its reputation. In February of 2007, the Spanish Labour and Social Affairs categorised an ad of the famous brand as “illegal and humiliating for woman” because it showed a man holding a woman to the ground by her wrists while come men watched on. In addition, in May of 2009 the Italian Government charged D&G with tax evasion of over 1 million euros.

“Vogue” magazine continuously analyses D&G’s collection of each season. Usually positions itself in favour of its femininity, fashion and sensuality. The Spanish television company “Antena 3” provides information on its webpage with the following heading: “D&G’s lined and colourful patterned fabrics on Milan’s catwalk”. As it is mentioned on this post before, D&G’s official channel on YouTube offers wide variety of information about the famous brand.


Consumers of this brand’s products are usually of a medium- high class with a strong purchasing power, for instance most students can not afford the high prices of the designs. Society often criticizes its designs or advertisements as racists or sexists. Plenty of organizations would like to make businesses with D&G but usually it works independently as its success in guaranteed.

Overall, the company is not bothered by all these critics and opinions and does not have to change any of its natural elements to gain popularity as it is well known in Europe, Asia and America. The originality of its campaigns, designs and inspirational resources make the brand unique and unmistakable.


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